How Do You Find The Right Builder?

By February 12, 2018No Comments

Choosing the right builder can be difficult, especially if this is your first project. Most of us rely on recommendations from friends and family and this is usually a good way of determining if they are good to work with. But what are the other things you should consider when looking for a builder?


  1. Communication. I am putting this at the top of the list as this is extremely important. If you feel that this is just another job to them or you are not comfortable asking questions, then this will give you an insight as to how your relationship will be throughout the project. Being able to freely communicate with your contractor is fundamental.


  1. Reviews. Take the time to check out reviews over social media and google platforms. One caveat to this is, you should remain objective when using this method to select a contractor.  Not all contractors will have 100% good reviews, and this could be based on several different factors, some of which may be out of their control.


  1. Experience. How long have they been in the industry? This may seem obvious but the more experienced the better. This is not only from a skills perspective but also the more experienced they are means they will be familiar with a range of different projects, this makes problem solving much easier. This may be your first bathroom renovation, but it could be your contractors 100th bathroom renovation, which means he knows what could potentially go wrong.


  1. Attitude. Did they turn up late and answer their phone constantly while you were explaining your exciting plans? How a contractor approaches a job will give you an indication of what you can expect throughout the project. If your contractor is reliable, turns up when they say they will, listens, provides feedback and offers suggestions where needed then this shows they respect your time and they are genuinely interested in working with you. This sets the foundations for a happy renovation process.